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We believe in finding your person; finding the one who makes you feel complete in ways that you didn’t know you needed to be completed. You know, the hand you squeeze when the world feels like its falling apart and you are suddenly covered by a wave of comfort;  knowing that even when things are hard (and occasionally things will be hard) it will work out because you both know this is too important to give up on; the smile that you can’t take off your face when you think about how lucky you are to have that person; We believe in love.


Recent Weddings

When you find your person, hold them tight, let them know they are the one who makes your heart sing, and treasure every moment. The memories that you create are what makes up your life; being able to look at photographs of those memories is like traveling back in time to that very moment and emotion. Click above to see our recent wedding galleries. 

Say Hello!

I would love to chat about your wedding day, from your proposal story to the smallest details; I can’t wait to hear it all! Contact me (Margit) by clicking the above photo, or clicking here. I pinky promise to respond to your inquiry within 48 hours!

Lifelong Memories

Holding the photograph of your first dance, where you are embracing each other  so tightly you felt like you were the only two people in the room; Or when Nana gently places her weathered hand on the side of your face and whispers “You are the most beautiful bride I have ever seen.” These moments pass in an instant, but the memories last much longer; the albums included become a physical connection to these once in a life time moments.


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