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Timeless Wedding Photography

If you’re like us, you have been dreaming of your wedding day since you were a little girl. The style of dress you would wear, the color of the flowers in your hair, the handsome man waiting at the end of the aisle… Now that you have the ring on your finger and the future-husband secured, the planning can begin. Planning a wedding is one of the most fun and overwhelming parts of the entire process. There are numerous articles out there that tell you the thing necessary to ask prospective photographers. While we agree with a lot of the advice we have seen, we think it’s more important to review the work for yourself, as well as meet your vendors in person to see if your personalities line up with your dreams. Full of Whimsy is a company started by two best friends who had a vision of shedding the light and love of God through creative pursuits. We love to work with couples who believe in our personal vision and trust us to deliver only the most detailed and perfect work imaginable. But first, let’s meet up and discuss what you have in mind for your big day, visit our Contact page to set up our first meeting.





One of the most important aspects of choosing a wedding professional is ensuring an ideal experience. At Full of Whimsy, we are available to speak with you at any time during the planning process. We want to make sure the last thing you have to worry about is the photography. Our process also includes special surprises along the way for each of our couples.


Just like they say on all of those matchmaking website commercials (I’m looking at you eHarmony) the key to any strong relationship is communication. At Full of Whimsy we make sure that we respond to your emails within 48 hours. We also make sure that we answer any questions you may have before you even think to ask them, this way everything is clear before, during, and after your wedding day.


Full of Whimsy is not only full of “whimsy” we are also full of “love” for not only our clients, but the entire photography and design process. We love what we are doing, and that is evident in the work that we provide to you. Our first and greatest love is seeing our couple’s at their happiest, and we will do whatever it takes to get you there.